Sqldatareader get value by column name

LINQ query to get specific column values from a DataTable in C#; Filling a DataTable from a LINQ query result set in C#; ... If you only need some target columns' value from the selected rows (for example, we only need "Id" and "Name" columns' value), you can create a new anonymous type of enumerable to bind the data..

In this example I am getting the value of the "email" column, but this can get quite complicated, especially if I want to retrieve more columns from the database, so that for example the record now looks like: ... You can index the SqlDataReader object by column name. It returns an object. 2. DBNull is a type. You can use the "is" operator.

Fortunately, Pandas provides a better way. Our tuple-based indexing is essentially a rudimentary multi-index , and the Pandas MultiIndex type gives us the type of operations we wish to have. We can create a multi-index from the tuples as follows: In [5]: index = pd. MultiIndex .from_tuples(index) index. Out [5]:. If you're going to do the level lookup repeatedly, you could.




I have a SQL table with 3 columns: ID (bigint), Tag1 (int), DateTime (datetime). I've made a stored procedure which selects from my table the values of Tag1 from DataStart to DataStop. It works fine. The execution of the stored proc returns, correctly, 5 values. I want to get those 5 values in C#. I need to add the column name to dictionary key and column value for dictionay value. Please help me with some sample code. Thanks. using ( DbDataReader dr = command.ExecuteReader ()) { while (dr.Read ()) { //Colname=dr.GetName (); Addtodictionary (ColName, ColValue) } } Wednesday, May 16, 2007 5:16 PM WebDev2000 30 Points Answers 0 Sign in to vote.

With a name - assigned using this option! This can make working with columns in the API very easy - for example to access the data from the column named location you would use table.column( 'location:name' ).data() - append the string :name to indicate to DataTables that.

The Cars table has seven columns: id, name, company, power, color, model, and condition. Now let's insert some dummy data into the Cars table. ... We will use the SQL Server CASE statement to set the value of the condition column to "New" if the model column has a value greater than 2000, otherwise the value for the condition column will.