Add user to collection sccm powershell

You can use the get-command –module ConfigurationManager to show all the commands available for Configuration Manager You can also use the get-help cmdlets if you are unsure of the parameters Tags: collection variables, Collections ( 2 ), Powershell ( 10 ), sccm 2012 ( 4 ), WMI ( 3 ) Add Collection Variable A co-worker was upset that the Configuration.

Setup this script to run as a scheduled task. The computer running this script will need the RSAT Active Directory PowerShell module installed and the SCCM PowerShell module. Be sure that the user running your task can both read the SCCM collection members and write to the specified AD groups.

What is the best way to add users to a sccm user collection when you have hundreds. There are no query parameters.. the users were selcted by an HR database outside of sccm. If an AD group has to be used.. is there a powershell script i can use to load an ad group up from a source list.txt of user names?.




powershell script to create sccm collections. we got a requirement to create 500 collections based on subnets from csv file. these are all query based collections using subnet from csv file. Also they need to be placed into folder based on network speed. network speed has also column in csv file (high, low, medium) next to subnet column. Is. Now, go to Assets and Compliance->Compliance Settings->Configuration Items and click “Create Configuration Item”. The Create CI Wizard will appear. Give it a meaningful name, select any categories if desired, and click “Next”. Select which operating systems are applicable and click “Next”. Click “New” to add a new setting to the CI.

Reason3: Direct-Rules are storing the ResourceID of a device or user. If the device or user is deleted, all the membership rules are lost as the device/user will never get the same ResourceID again. Reason4: Never try to export/import Collections with direct rules across different ConfigMgr environments. The Device/user name (RuleName) is just.

Below is the PowerShell command to read the computer names from text file and then add those computers to SCCM collection: Text File – C:SCCMComputers.txt : Computer01. Computer02. Computer03. Collection Name: “Abobe Photoshop”.