Broken mouth cows for sale

In this video are the broken mouth cows due to the conditions they run in but as you can see, they are good cows. 330 bred cows for sale from a complete disp.

Feeder steers sold 700 and 800 weights 141.00 to 136.00 with a lite test. Feeder heifers sold 700 and 800 weights 134.50 to 130.00 with a lite test; 900 weights 124.00. Butcher cows sold 2.00 to 4.00 lower 67.00 to 54.00 for fleshy cows, 56.00 to 49.00 for thin cows. Butcher bulls sold 2.00 to 3.00 lower 81.00 to 73.50. ESTIMATE 1000 CATTLE FOR. Cow Calf Pairs - $2,000 (Hazard) Cow Calf Pairs. -. $2,000. (Hazard) 50 Hd Black/Red Angus Cow with mostly Baldy Calves on the side.. Have been Expose to Hereford and Limflex Bulls for 45 days.. Cows range from 1st calf heifer to Broken Mouth.. Calves weighing around 300 lbs. Selling them due to drought conditions.. 308-44o-o974.

20 red/rwf angus cows, solid to broken mouth, may- june calving dates. 17 red angus cows, running age, start calving end of may for 45 days. ... april 5th special all class cattle sale. april 12th all class cattle sale. april 19th no sale. april 26th special all class cattle sale. this sale will be broadcast live on www.cattleusa.com . special.




special bred heifer & cow sale tuesday december 1st, 2020. early consignments: 52 fancy black angus bred cows, bred to martin angus bulls, there 4,5,6 yr old set of cows. they are all home raised one set of c ows except 8 head that originated of tj & kristi martin ranch. ... this set of cows will be short solid to broken mouth. start calving in. 14 solid mouth (big) *Dispersion of Fall Calving Cows 1017: 18 solid mouth (light) Blk, few bwf bred angus & hereford 1010N: 11 short/spread Cf 8-1 for 60 days 1010S: 3 solid mouth 5 broken mouth . 2 hips -BT #2207 & 2262 . 830: 19 blk (11 young-8 solid mouth) Casey Foster & Todd Larabee 39.

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If you are looking to buy top of the line Red Angus cattle, our classifieds page is a great place to look! ... HEART OF THE HERD; DONORS; SIRES. SALE INFO. CONTACT US. More... Looking for Cattle.... Contact: Brad Leonard 605-381-2456. Seeking: 100 - 200 Short Term Solid/Broken Mouth Cows. Contact: Bob Moore 307-752-3598. Seeking: 10 three or.