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Fix Epicor P21 processor to calculate taxes based on percentage approach used in goRoam (15% versus .15%) New. Add checkbox to filter orders by date in RouteBuilder - default to show all orders to include those with earlier ship dates; Add isWillCall to the add order api to denote orders to be picked up at the depot. Set the address = depot if.

I have a dashboard to show Case status for a call group. I would like to be able to show total open cases for the group and total by Case Owner. I think I'm ok with the filtering to get owner vs. group but how do I get the total? I tried a Calculated Field using Aggregate >Count but get errors referring to grouping. EmployeeNum); } // Now loop through each employee and clock them out. foreach (string empId in empIds) { string e = empId; ... Calling Business Object Methods From Within An Epicor 10 BPM Using Custom Code. Epicor BPM, Epicor ERP, Epicor Customization Adam Ellis February 28, 2020 . Let's Chat! Contact Us GingerHelp, LLC. try { // Put your BPM code here } catch (Exception ex) { this.PublishInfoMessage(ex.Message, Ice.Common.BusinessObjectMessageType.Information, Ice.Bpm.InfoMessageDisplayMode.Individual, "", ""); } With PublishInfoMessage you will just get an informative exception, meaning that it won’t hold up the rest of the code from running. If you.

The following example creates a new DataRow by calling the NewRow method of the DataTable object. C#. private void CreateNewDataRow() { // Use the MakeTable function below to create a new table. DataTable table; table = MakeNamesTable (); // Once a table has been created, use the // NewRow to create a DataRow.





In this video I use BPMs to set some default values on a new part in Epicor. Using both Method Directives and Data Directives I default parts per container,.

1.搭建Visual Studio编写BPM的环境 a.共享或复制服务端Server文件 BPM是运行在Epicor服务器上的,因此编写BPM代码是需要服务端文件支持的, 所以需要把服务端Server文件夹共享或复制到编程的电脑上,使其能够访问,服务端文件路径如下: b.引用编写BPM所需要的文件 在VS中新建.